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  • How do I clear my web browser's cache?

    A browser is a program used to access the internet. You will likely be familiar with one or more of the big four; Internet Explorer from Microsoft, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari which is available on Macintosh devices. In order... Read more

  • Why have a responsive website?

    A significant proportion of visitors to your site are doing so using mobile and tablet devices. Making your site responsive means modifying its appearance to adapt and move around based on the device of each person visiting. If your site site... Read more

  • How much does a website cost?

    If you are considering having a website designed and built, or perhaps commissioning a re-design, it is likely that you will ask for a ball-park figure of the costs involved. The reality is that there is no easy way answer... Read more

  • In the works; book design project for David Glenn, Spitfire scratch-builder

    One of our assignments currently in the works is a book design project for scratch-build model maker David Glenn. David spends much of his time building a variety of highly detailed aeronautical models from his well-equipped workshop in South Cambridgeshire. Read more

  • Website design Sudbury, Suffolk

    At Brown & Brown, we offer a multitude of services including website design. Sudbury is our home, but as we are situated on the borders of Essex and Suffolk we are conveniently placed between Colchester and Bury St Edmunds. Sudbury is... Read more

  • Graphic Design Sudbury, Suffolk

    As a Sudbury based graphic design studio, Brown & Brown offer an expansive range of services which encompass all types of projects, large or small. We are a long-founded design agency therefore our studio team has a great deal of... Read more