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The success of a book does not rely solely upon the designer's ability to marry the subject matter and tone of the prose with an attractive look and feel. It must also deliver a satisfying experience to the intended readers, arrive on time, on budget and within the boundaries of modern digital production.

At Brown & Brown we understand every aspect of the independent book publishing process. Our team have the experience and expertise to take on and manage projects at every stage of production; from manuscript copy editing, book content design and page layout, cover and title design, right through to arranging printing and binding. We can also help with photography and/or production of artwork for illustrations. We are a full service agency offering specialist book design and publishing services.

We specialise in short run digital book publishing but we can turn our hand to any size of book design project or private publishing. With digital printing it is now economically viable to offer runs in the hundreds or low thousands. We can arrange for any quantity to be published to match your specific book printing needs.

Before the modern computer age, design and typesetting were two separate disciplines. The designer was tasked with selecting an appropriate typeface, deciding its size, spacing and accompanying treatment for headings and captions, as well as positioning of illustrations. The typesetter would implement this on a production level. Design tools of the day would have included acetate, scalpels and lightboxes. In more recent times our tools of choice are Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Rupert Brown is our head designer. All of his book designs follow a grid structure, an armature on which graphic elements can be organised in an easy to absorb manner.

Oli Brown takes care of book production, project management and leads our specialist book design team. If you would like to learn more about any aspect of our book design and publishing services please give Oli a call on 01787 881157 or email us at