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There is an impressive amount of marketing activity for Brown & Brown to coordinate on an ongoing basis. It's all underpinned by a solid marketing strategy with clearly defined objectives, all of which are reviewed on a monthly and quarterly basis. It is a very effective process.

Corporate identity

We started a working relationship with DCA in 2013. The first part of our brief was to design and create a new corporate identity. DCA is made up of a complex set of companies and the design solution had to reflect that. Each subsidiary needed its own individual brand which also had to work as an umbrella brand. The solution we devised centred on one large triangle made up of 4 separate triangles. DCA is the central triangle and each of the 3 subsidiary brands around it. Each of their subsidiary brands has its own individual triangle and colour scheme.

When all the triangles are put together they form the unified DCA umbrella logo.

Corporate identity illustration 4, part of our Dca portfolioCorporate identity illustration 5, part of our Dca portfolioCorporate identity illustration 6, part of our Dca portfolioCorporate identity illustration 7, part of our Dca portfolio


Since 2013 we have worked on many iterations of the brochures, for both individual brands and the collective company.

They all started as 12 page brochures and developed in scale over time. They have been extremely successful in communicating the many complex messages and offerings that DCA have wanted to repeat to their clients and customers.

As they have grown in importance they have also grown in size. The DCA brochure now numbers 40 pages and covers a huge variety of the sales information that the DCA team need.

Brochures illustration 1, part of our Dca portfolioBrochures illustration 2, part of our Dca portfolio

Hydrastore 102 Page Product Catalogue

In 2017 we delivered the first Hydrastore parts catalogue. This is already on its third version and is adapting and changing on a 6 monthly schedule. It started as a hundred page catalogue and the plan is for it to become over 300 pages within 2 years.

Hydrastore 102 Page Product Catalogue illustration 3, part of our Dca portfolio


We have so far developed 2 key websites. One for DCA and one for Hydrastore. Both are extremely comprehensive and both have gone through an extensive and continual process of change and development.

It now includes a comprehensive range of new features designed to support their ongoing digital marketing strategy.

Website illustration 9, part of our Dca portfolio

Supporting material

DCA has also needed the standard set of supporting material. We have produced business cards, letterheads, comp slips, promotional flyers, adverts for trade magazines, stands for shows and bespoke POS systems.

Supporting material illustration 10, part of our Dca portfolio

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