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Website design for mobile and tablet devices, Sudbury, Suffolk

Brown & Brown offer a variety web design and development services which includes catering for clients requiring a mobile website. We are located in Sudbury which borders Essex and Suffolk so we are conveniently located between Colchester and Bury St Edmunds.


Over the past few years, mobile web usage has seen a significant increase to the point where businesses can no longer afford to ignore it. For business-to-business websites, as of this year, statistics show that 25% of web users are from mobile devices. For commercial companies it is closer to 50%.

It's quite simple; businesses not catering for mobile users may be missing out on sales.

Why cater for mobile and tablet device users?

Internet users, or more specifically your potential clients, have a limited attention span. You may only have 10 to 20 seconds to grab their attention. If these potential clients arrive on your website using a mobile or tablet device, they may have to waste the first few valuable seconds panning and zooming around the screen to get to the information they need. Having a site that optimises the viewing experience allows your users to get to vital information, or perform actions, quickly.

What are the options?

There are two main approaches to designing websites for mobile devices and smart phones.

1) Dedicated mobile website

The first option is to build a dedicated mobile website; users can be funnelled here as they first land on the site.

2) Responsive website design

What does 'responsive website design' mean? In the simplest terms it means showing each user a version of the site that is optimally designed for the device which they are using at that moment, be-it 'smart phone', tablet device, laptop or desktop machine. They will not have to pan and zoom around the page to get to important elements if they are browsing with an iPhone, Galaxy SIII, Microsoft Surface or other handheld devices.

Of these two solutions Brown & Brown favour the responsive approach. Dedicated mobile sites are becoming less viable as tablet usage becomes more prevalent. As there are so many devices that your site can be viewed on, favouring 'smart phone' exclusivity could ultimately be costly to your business.

Google also acknowledges that using responsive website design is preferential, describing it as 'industry best practice'. This suggests that it has benefits in terms of search engine optimisation (SEO) as it avoids duplicate content issues. It also means that links coming into your site will only need to be directed towards a single version of each page.

If you would like to learn more about any aspect of our web design service please give Oli Brown a call on 01787 881157 or email us at

It is worth noting that a responsive website might not always be the best solution for your business. If you are not a business-to-business website you might rely on advertising revenue. In this instance ad positioning is vital, therefore re-configuring your layout may not be viable. Brown & Brown can advise on solutions to this and related problems.

If your user base is exclusively 'smart phone' we would recommend having a dedicated app designed and developed.