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Search Engine Optimisation services in Sudbury, Suffolk

Search engine optimisation (SEO) describes the process of ensuring a site appears as close to the top of the listings for search terms relevant to the organisation in question. Brown & Brown cater for the SEO needs of a number of clients, many of whom are based in Sudbury and the surrounding area.

SEO is an on-going procedure which involves developing a site's content and social media presence, gaining links from relevant, authoritative websites and adapting strategy to take into account the shifting goal posts of best practice SEO. Directing high quality traffic is the goal and with patience it can yield extremely beneficial results to your bottom line.

Aside from businesses who trade exclusively online, a SEO campaign should always be considered as one part of a wider marketing strategy.

Our process

Initial work will involve research into your area of business, identifying keywords and analysing competitors. Often the terms being used to find services similar to the ones you wish to push are not entirely what you might expect. Once these have been ascertained, strategy can be defined and elements such as content can be tailoured accordingly.

It's a cliché but content really is king. It is unreasonable to expect your site to perform against your competitors unless it has the strength of content to match and surpass them.

If you are starting with a blank canvas we can guide you through the process of creating keyword rich content which is both engaging for the user and deemed relevant by the search engines. If you can't write good content yourself we can put you in touch with a SEO copywriter.

If you already have a site that is under performing we can assess the markup structure and suggest necessary improvements. Semantics are important; whilst a page may be visually navigable by a user, a search engine may have trouble understanding the page unless there is a logical hierarchy to the data underneath the design.

We will also make sure that the content is marked up with the correct tags. This enables Google to correctly spider each page and ascertain the difference between elements such as headings, body text and structural aspects.

We understand the requirements of quantifying your campaigns, supplying easily digestible analytics reports. We look objectively past sheer numbers alone; high volumes of traffic are superficially appealing but mean nothing if they are not translating into leads and sales.

If you would like to learn more about any aspect of our SEO service please give Oli Brown a call on 01787 881157 or email us at