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Nic Webb is an extraordinary talent. Not that long ago his reputation was for crafting the most exquisite spoons, works of art, not for everyday use! Today his extraordinary pieces are selling for tens of thousands of pounds in the top galleries all over the world. He has a visual perception and a passion for individualism and innovation that sets him apart.

It's been a pleasure working with Nic to develop his personal brand, from early development to current levels.

The challenge is working through iterations to keep up with his growing stature amongst peers and collectors alike.

Logo & branding

Simplicity through refined design has been the key to the success of our work with Nic. This started with simple name style branding.

Work on his branding has changed a few times over the years but the concepts have stayed the same.

Logo & branding illustration 1, part of our Nic-webb portfolio


Nic knows exactly what will work for him, but not until he sees it. So we work very closely with Nic and his team, experimenting with ideas and designs before agreeing on a way forward. His work and the associated photography are stunning so we see our job as simply creating a platform where the design and interaction with the user are almost subconscious. Let the images do the work!

He’s worth following. His approach and the results are designed to be inspiring. On that level, he never disappoints.

Website illustration 2, part of our Nic-webb portfolio

Social media strategy

Setup accounts on 3 major platforms and managed for several months. Handed control over to the client after an agreed period of account establishment.

Social media strategy illustration 3, part of our Nic-webb portfolio

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