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Dealey are relatively new clients to us but they represent a fantastic example of a company where the subject matter (pest control, vermin) can be presented to show the genuine and more realistic side of a business. The Dealey team are great to work with and have clear strategic vision. Our brief was to present pest control as something that should be controlled before it's a problem. Environmental protection is at the heart of their company ethos.

Corporate identity

We were tasked with designing a strong new logo and corporate identity that could then be used as the initial building block for a new website. The strap line was also an important element that we took time to get right. The chosen design is strong and punchy and is now proliferated through the company material to create a really strong memorable brand.

Corporate identity illustration 2, part of our Dealey portfolio


The website needed to reflect the environmental values mentioned above. “Pest control is about being in control before it’s a problem”. There were several complex layers to the business that needed to be streamlined and presented in a clean and clear way.

The site was only recently launched so now our attention and efforts will focus on the supporting digital marketing strategy to make the website achieve a quick return on investment.

Website illustration 1, part of our Dealey portfolio

Social media strategy

Setup new accounts, and tweaked existing accounts, on several major platforms. Created a content schedule for each one. Handed control over to the client after an agreed period of account establishment.

Social media strategy illustration 3, part of our Dealey portfolio

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