Web application development

We have been developing business-to-business (B2B) web applications for a wide variety of sectors for well over 15 years. Our highly skilled team are well versed in the processes involved in scoping, designing, developing and hosting powerful web based solutions on-time and on-budget.

Advanced custom applications for business

The development of a custom web application is ideal when an off-the-shelf commercial software package does not fully meet your specific business and logistical requirements. Whether you are positioned in a niche market place, offer a highly specialised product line, have customers who have specific logistical demands, or have complex production or fulfilment processes, an agile and scalable bespoke online application can deliver both value as well as a solid return on investment.

Web application integration

For well established businesses, integration with existing enterprise software will likely be a requirement of any bespoke web application. Brown & Brown have years of experience connecting up to a wide variety of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

When connected to can share data and functionality with a custom built online solution, helping businesses to become more efficient.

Your business may already use existing resource planning or customer relationship management packages such as the Salesforce Platform, Microsoft Dynamics NAV or QuickBooks Online. Alternatively you may use an accounts packages such as Advanced Exchequer, Access Dimensions or Sage Business Cloud Accounting. Brown & Brown have the expertise and experience to connect to the API of just about any industry standard software package. In doing so we can share crucial data and functionality, and help your business to resolve logistical, personnel, supplier or customer challenges with a robustly developed online software solution.

If you have an existing application that is reaching the end of its shelf life, we may also be able to reverse engineer an up-to-date solution, converting existing databases and stored procedures along the way.

Author Nick Tabram. First published Thu, 21 Oct 2021 17:29:44 +0100

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